Monday, April 19, 2010

Wounded Heart

“My heart is wounded within me.” (Psalm 109:22b)

Someone whose “heart is wounded within” is suffering at the very core of his or her being. The specific reasons always vary from person to person, but some hurtful event has happened or is about to happen, an event that always involves some sort of loss. The person feels weak and helpless to do anything about it. When it happens to us, all we can do is turn to the Lord and pray, “Help me, Lord my God. Rescue me according to Your faithful love.” (verse 26)

The Lord responds in one of two ways. Either He will come and change the situation and rescue us, thus bringing healing to our heart, or, if His will is otherwise for reasons we cannot understand, He will come alongside us and wrap us in His strength to sustain us through the event, thus bringing healing to our heart over a longer period of time.

The point is that we need to trust the Lord through all of the hurtful events we face, understanding that He will, in fact, rescue us in one way or another.

Lord, Help us to trust You today the rescue us in ways that most glorify You. Amen.

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