Monday, April 12, 2010

The Victory

“Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith…” (Romans 5:1a)

There are at least 13 concept words in Romans 5:1-5 that are worthy of note, and among them at least 4 concepts stand out: peace, grace, joy, and hope. Faith is the key that unlocks all 4 of these doors. Faith is the victory; not some nebulous, generalized kind of faith that has no grit, but faith in Jesus Christ, based on what He did for us on the cross. Faith is a commitment, a “believing commitment.”

Because of our “believing commitment” to Christ, we have been declared to be in a fully right relationship with God, such that there are now no relational barriers, and that now peace with Him reigns over our lives.

Our “believing commitment” to Christ has now ushered us into a great arena, into a state of existence called “grace.” This is where we live now. Grace is our new residence.

Our “believing commitment” to Christ has released a relentless joy in us, authored by the Holy Spirit, who enables us to rejoice regardless of the obstacles or afflictions we may have to endure.

Our “believing commitment” to Christ has produced a rock-solid hope in us, the certainty of God-honoring outcomes in all of our life events. God uses this hope to sustain and energize us, to keep us moving forward.

Lord, Let us walk by faith and experience its victory today, and not be quite so concerned about what we see.

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