Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart Prayer

Lord God, Creator of the universe, Almighty God and Father of us all, my heart is filled with praise prompted by the presence of Your Holy Spirit!  I turn to You in my searchings and longings because You and You alone are God.  There is none like You, and there is no one else to turn to.  You are sovereign God over all things and all life in your universe, seen or unseen.  You give life, and You recall life to Yourself, and while there is much I cannot comprehend, my heart rejoices before You with the angels and saints of heaven, and I join them in saying, "Blessed be the name of the Lord." You and You alone are God.  Only You are worthy to receive praise.

Your creation speaks to me of You.  The heavens declare Your glory, and the earth expresses Your creative hand.  The stars pour forth knowledge night after night. Some among us considered humanly intelligent look into the heavens and see only stars and planets and matter, and in their arrogance they say they see no evidence of You.  I see nothing but evidence of You.  Their thinking is one-dimensional and has blinded them to the truth.  They have turned themselves into spiritual anorexics.  They are starving spiritually while thinking they stand for the truth.  I am saddened by the spiritual poverty they inflict on themselves, and I pray they may open their eyes and minds to true Intelligence, because they, too, are loved by You.

May my mind and heart be drawn to You this day and riveted to your grace and goodness and compassion.  May I walk with You today in ways that cause others to honor You.  Amen.

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