Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bird Feathers

“Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent.” (Matthew 10:29)

            What encouragement!  Even when a tiny sparrow, practically worthless in the eyes of many, falls to the ground, our heavenly Father knows it, and it never happens without His consent (literally, “apart from your Father” [HCSB footnote]).  How many of us have been encouraged by this thought, especially when the problems mount?
            The context of the verse adds to its encouragement.  Jesus spoke these words as part of His challenge to His disciples, as He was sending them out to minister.  He warned that persecutions would dog them.  He knew this would produce fear, so He told them not to be afraid.  That would seem to be a little like a doctor saying, “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt much.”  Still, He told them not to be afraid.
            Our heavenly Father knows everything we go through.  No detail escapes His notice.  Nothing will happen to us apart from Him, that is, apart from His knowledge and consent, and although we may not comprehend that thought very well, it says to us that whatever happens to us has no relevance to our value to the Lord.  It happens only according to His purposes, which, like a sparrow, we simply cannot fathom.  We only need to know that Jesus is thus challenging us to trust God and His purposes.
            Such trust serves to free us from our fears.  It helps us to relax.  It further frees us to move forward in serving Him, whether the issues we face are small or great.  So, keep moving toward trust.

Lord, How grateful we are to know that Your purposes will be fulfilled in us, even if we are unable to understand them.  We thank You for the encouragement of Your care.  Amen.

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