Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“Therefore, His people turn to them and drink in their overflowing words.” (Psalm 73:10)

Interesting statement in that verse above, isn’t it? Let’s think about it.

Whose influence do you allow in your life, and why? What are those influencers like?

The psalmist observed that the people of God typically followed the lead of those who are successful by worldly standards. With regard to those in that successful category in his day and age, he considered these particular people evil in that they because wealthy through deceitful practices and with fully arrogant hearts before God. He was not decrying success. He was noting that these folks he described were arrogant, prosperous through evil practices, living a life of ease and good health, untroubled and unafflicted like the rest of the world was, prideful, violent, mocking, malicious, oppressive, and unafraid of anything including God Himself. Interestingly, he says that these are the people that the people of God in his day allowed to influence them, to set the standards for them. He said that God’s people were turning to these folks and “drink in their overflowing words.” In our day, we would say that they “hung on every word” these people spoke.

So, has humanity improved to the point that this kind of thing no longer happens? In our day and time, in our social and cultural context, who do the people of God allow to influence them? Who sets the pace?

Throughout the day, the challenge for you is to observe closely who and what influences your thinking and your decisions, and to observe fellow believers and who and what influences their thinking and decisions. Accepting the challenge could be enlightening. Especially, as we move toward the end of a year and prepare for a new year, we might need to have a clearer awareness of this.

Lord, Enlighten us today about what and who influences our thinking and decisions, and help us to then adjust accordingly. Amen.

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