Tuesday, June 8, 2010


“Lord, our Lord, how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth.” (Psalm 8:8)

Majesty is all around us. Its imagery stamps its impressions on our minds and hearts. Gorgeous images of natural beauty fade in and out of mind: the Japan alps, the limestone karsts of southern China, jungle waterfalls in the mountains of northern Thailand, the giant poinsettias of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, the rugged mountains and glaciers of Alaska, the incessant pounding of waves on sandy beaches. As if that were not enough, consider the rising of the sun. Then, there are the stars of a clear night sky, or the soaring of an eagle. The swarm of life over the face of the earth emerges in our minds as well. All majestic. All expressions of the name of God.

The “name” of God refers to God’s character. For lack of a better expression, His name is His “Personhood.” God’s name is “I AM.” Thus, all of this majesty is a statement that “God is.” For anyone to believe otherwise is foolish.

Lord, We bow before You and acknowledge Your awesome and majestic power. In everything around us, we see Your handiwork, and we praise You. Amen.

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