Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Waters Receded

“God caused a wind to pass over the earth, and the water began to subside.” (Genesis 8:1b)

The story of Noah and the ark fascinates us. The events of that story are sometimes challenging, sometimes encouraging, and always interesting. Sometimes, though, we pass over details that teach great truth.

Many have the idea that the flood just lasted a few weeks or maybe a few months. The waters receded, but very slowly; painstakingly slowly in fact. The Bible says that in the 600th year of Noah’s life, on the 17th day of the 2nd month, the flood began (Genesis 7:11). Then it tells us (8:14) that the ground was dry enough for Noah and his family and the animals to exit the ark on the 27th day of the 2nd month of Noah’s 601st year. That means a total of 1 year and 10 days that it took for the waters to recede, which means also that Noah, his family, and the animals were on the ark for more than a whole year. That’s a long time to live on a boat.

We learn a truth from this that may encourage us today. Sometimes “floods” that come our way linger for long time. The only action possible when that happens is to wait patiently and persist in whatever opportunities and activities are available to us, maintaining our hope in the promises of God. We are to be faithful, trusting God as we wait for those waters to recede. And eventually they will.

Remember this the next time you see a rainbow.

Lord, We’ve all experienced some of life’s “floods,” but we know with the psalmist that You are King “over the flood.” So we trust You, and we will walk with You faithfully as the waters recede. Amen.

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