Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unspoken Questions

“None of the disciples dared ask Him, ‘Who are You?’ because they knew it was the Lord.” (John 21:12b CSB)

Not only did the disciples not ask, “Who are You?’ but there are very likely some additional questions they did not ask aloud.

This was the third resurrection appearance of Jesus, and it occurred by the Sea of Galilee. At least eight of the disciples were away from Jerusalem at the time, for reasons unknown. Maybe they were in need of money and went to the only means they knew for earning money – fishing. Maybe they were being impatient and seeing no need to remain in Jerusalem at that particular moment. We do not know the reasons or the motivations. They were somewhat in the same boat with regard to Jesus and His post-resurrection activities.

We can imagine – and probably accurately – that the disciples had a number of questions which either they did not ask or were not recorded. At least one of those questions would be obvious: “Lord, now that You have been resurrected, why do You not stay with us now? Why do You keep coming and going?” Undoubtedly, the time between the crucifixion/resurrection and the Day of Pentecost were perplexing days for these disciples. There was no shortage of the unknown. Only on the Day of Pentecost, with the coming of the Holy Spirit, did they finally begin to understand the Lord’s purposes.

Disciples today have many questions as well. Some are asked, such as, “Lord, when are You coming again?” Others may ask, “Lord, why do You allow Your people in some places in our world to suffer so much?” Questions abound, and some are simply unasked. Answers do not appear to be forthcoming for some of those questions. It may well be that only when the Lord comes again or calls us home to be with Him will we understand.

For now, we need simply to move forward in faith, plowing the ground as we go, sowing the seed, following in obedience, and trusting Him to produce the fruit and the harvest as we abide in Him in trust.

Lord, The discomfort of the unasked questions and the non-answers leaves us perplexed sometimes, but we are grateful for the opportunity to know You and follow after You. Help us today to simply move forward in trust. Amen.

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