Wednesday, August 20, 2008


“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion; it cannot be shaken.” (Psalm 125:1 CSB)

Mount Zion is the location of the city of David, Jerusalem. Modern Jerusalem has spread out, of course, but in the years of the kings of Israel and Judah it was just the one mountain, which is more of a very high hill than a mountain, with steep slopes on three sides. Those steep slopes plus a wall built entirely around the city turned Jerusalem into a fortress that was considered impenetrable. It eventually took Nebuchadnezzar 2-years of ramp-building to breach its walls. When the psalmist speaks of Mount Zion as “cannot be shaken,” this is what he is talking about. In his mind, Mount Zion was a fortress and stronghold where the people dwelled in complete safety.

When the writer wanted to express the truest depth of the meaning of trust, he used a metaphor that represented the ultimate to him in reliability – Mount Zion.

Trusting in the Lord is a decision of the will. When threats lay siege to us and create inner anxiety, stress, and worry, when uncertainty invades our future and leaves us feeling somewhat indecisive and insecure, we need to head toward that decision to trust in the Lord. Think of the greatest and strongest fortress you can possibly imagine, and the decision to trust in the Lord puts you in that place. Trusting in Him is like being in a place that cannot be shaken.

Lord, Help us to always move quickly and immediately to the decision of trust hen threats and uncertainties come our way. Amen.

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