Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Persistent Prayer

“He then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always and not be discouraged.” (Luke 18:1 CSB)

The parable Jesus told is normally titled “The Unjust Judge.” It is about a widow who kept coming to a town judge asking for justice against her adversary. The judge did not fear God or respect man with regard to his judgments, meaning he was not easily swayed by anything or anyone. He apparently did not care very much about anyone either. However, he got so tired of the widow’s incessant coming that he decided he would give her her justice just to get rid of her.

The point Jesus was making was that if an unjust judge like this would give justice to a persistent widow, then surely God, who is good and righteous, will certainly answer the prayers of His people who cry out to Him night and day. And the purpose of the parable was to encourage people to keep on praying and to not get discouraged and give up.

The fact is: people do sometimes get discouraged when they pray and do not see results. We know that God may answer prayer with: yes, no, maybe, not now, or wait. But when we pray for something that burdens us day after day and do not see anything happening, it can get discouraging to us, and we feel like just giving up.

As a reminder, Augustine’s mother prayed for her profligate son every day for 30-years before he finally came to faith.

We need to hear in the heart what Jesus is saying to us. God does not ignore us. He hears us clearly when we pray. He knows exactly what our thoughts are and what is on our minds. He is aware of everything that is burdening us. If He answers yes, we rejoice. If He answers no, we trust him. If He answers maybe, we keep praying in hope and faith. If He answers not now, we keep praying, and we do the same if He answers wait.

Keep praying and never give in or give up.

Father, We thank You that You never tire of our much coming. We bring before you today all the burdens of heart and life that weigh upon us, and we seek Your will and Your answer. Amen.

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