Monday, June 30, 2008

Faith Degrees

“The man believed what Jesus said to him and departed.” (John 4:50b CSB) “Then he himself believed, along with his whole family.” (John 4:54b CSB)

A royal official from Capernaum heard that Jesus – a miracle worker – was over in Cana and sent to see Him to get Him to come to Capernaum to heal his son who was dying. Jesus commented about how they just would not believe unless they saw signs. The man simply replied, “Please come and heal my son before he dies.” Jesus told the man to go home and that his son would be healed. So the man believed what Jesus said and departed.

After the man got home he saw that his son was well. He asked his servants when the boy got well, and he then realized that his son got well at the very time Jesus told him his son would live. He then believed in Jesus.

Either there are different kinds of faith, or there are levels of faith, faith by degrees. One level of faith we see in this story is the faith of taking Jesus at His word. In other words, we believe what someone tells us. The second level of faith in the story is actually believing in Jesus, though, and this is the faith of taking Jesus. This is a faith commitment. The first level of faith is not a saving faith because it is simply believing what someone tells you. The second level, however, is a saving faith because it is the kind that creates a spiritual union. It is an entrance into a personal relationship with the Lord, in a personal commitment to Him. We want both kinds of faith, but in terms of our salvation, it is the second level that results in our salvation.

Lord, We thank You for the call to faith. Today, may we believe what You tell us in Your word, and may we also affirm that live by our faith commitment to You. Amen.

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