Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 “For You have made me rejoice, Lord, by what You have done.” (Psalm 92:4)

            So, what has the Lord done that makes us rejoice?
            He created all things.
            He put a plan in place that took millennia to bring to completion.
            At the right time He sent His Son, born miraculously of a virgin.
            His Son lived a perfect, sinless life.
            His Son took the penalty of our sins upon Himself by giving His life on the cross.
            His Son was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven forty days later.
            His Son promised to return.
            He sent His Spirit to fill His disciples so they could proclaim the good news with power.
            Through faithful witnesses over 2,000 years He sent someone to lead me to faith.
            He put His Spirit in us, just as He did with His disciples.
            He speaks to us through His word.
            He has multiplied manifold blessings in our lives and through our lives.
            He blesses us daily.
            What is there NOT to rejoice about?
            This is what He has done for us.  Rejoice we must.  Joy is like a fire in our bones, like an explosion that demands release.

We rejoice, Lord, because of what You have done.  Amen.

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