Monday, May 16, 2011

Practice of the Presence

“You hide them in the protection of Your presence.” (Psalm 31:20)

The presence of the Lord is like a refuge, a place of peace and safety and strength for those who are in a place of vulnerability in life. David was in such a place in his life, described in Psalm 31. While we do not know the exact predicament, he tells us that his life was in danger, which was true on numerous occasions for him. Through them all he trusted the Lord and went to Him for refuge. He declared in faith and by experience that for those who revere the Lord, the Lord is a refuge, and the very presence of the Almighty is their protection.

When a child is feeling threatened by other more aggressive children, the present of a parent brings a sense of relief, safety, and protection. A bear cub separated from its mother is an easy target for predators, but bring mama bear on the scene and her presence changes everything.

We can face each day with genuine peace because of the presence of the Lord. We thus need to “practice the presence” of the Lord daily. We need to do so in the full assurance that whatever a day may bring, it will be all right because of the presence of the Spirit of the sovereign Lord with us and in us.

Lord, We thank You for Your constant presence in us through Your Spirit who dwells within us. We thank You for the protection of Your presence. Amen.

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