Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Hope

“All the earth will worship You and sing praise to You. They will sing praise to Your name.” (Psalm 66:4)

What is the psalmist talking about here? Is he prophesying a time to come when all the earth will worship God? Or, is he expressing a hope that all the earth will worship God? Or is there something else going on?

The fuzziness begins to clear when we start back at verse 1 as the psalmist calls for all the people on earth to shout joyfully to God, to sing the glory of His name and make His praise glorious. This is a hope, a desire. He calls for all to say to God, “How awe-inspiring are Your works! Your enemies will cringe before You because of Your great strength.”

A time is coming when all who dwell in the kingdom of God will sing His praise. That is a prophecy of the Bible. Until then, those who belong to Him are to sing His praise in the hope that all the earth may come to know Him by faith, love Him, and join in with the chorus of praise.

Lord, That is our hope and our prayer. May we be faithful this day in praising You. Amen.

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