Monday, November 30, 2009


“When it was day, He went out and made His way to a deserted place. But the crowds were searching for Him. They came to Him and tried to keep Him from leaving them.” (Luke 2:42)

The “crowed” referred to above knew a good thing when they saw it. Think it through. The crowd would have included the disciples. At least four or more of them were fishermen, and they were at home. Capernaum is where they lived. Undoubtedly, they would have preferred that Jesus stay put with them. And, of course, since He was staying at Simon Peter’s house, having Jesus set up shop and stay at his house wouldn’t hurt his community status. Then, there were the street vendors. Having all those people in town encouraged the tourism industry, and everybody’s business benefitted. Without question, having a healer and a “big draw” like Jesus permanently residing in their midst, to heal all their sicknesses, would certainly have made life better there for everyone. It is understandable that they wanted Jesus to stay in Capernaum with them. If He came and visited in your home, wouldn’t you want the same thing?

We all have a tendency to want to hold on to something of value. That isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it does move that direction when the motivation is one that is self-centered.

Jesus demonstrated, however, what He believed and taught: If you seek your own life you lose it, and if you lose your own life you gain it. In the decision to move on beyond Capernaum in fulfillment of His calling, Jesus demonstrated the principle of how life is actually discovered in the giving of it, not in the hoarding of it.

Lord, Help us to follow Your example today in how we live. Amen.

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