Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Word Power

“So My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please, and will prosper in what I send it to do.” (Isaiah 55:11)

As rain falls and brings forth life, God’s word will always accomplish its purpose. That is the great assurance God gives us. His word is 100% reliable, and that is simply because God is reliable. When God says, “I forgive you,” we can know with all certainty that we are totally forgiven, but His word doesn’t stop there; it also sets us free to live with a renewed joy and gracious peace. His word accomplishes not only its essential purpose, but it also produces a prosperity that goes far beyond. The power of God’s word is that it is GOD’s word.

Lord, Because we trust You, we also trust Your word. We thank You for it. Amen.

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