Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Mourning

“Blessed are those who mourn, because they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4 HCSB)

The second beatitude can be as puzzling as the first. Those who first heard these words uttered would likely have found it so. Why would those who mourn be spiritually prosperous, or blessed, or happy? Everybody mourns sooner or later, because everyone experiences loss. Some may mourn the loss of property from a devastating storm or flood, for example. Or, a loved one may die. Eventually, people work through such events and their mourning dissipates. At least some measure of comfort returns. So how does this make someone blessed?

The meaning of this beatitude is derived from the first one. Those who come to realize their spiritual poverty because of their separation from God and who then turn to God will be blessed. In that same vein, those who mourn because of their previous life of separation from God, who are filled with sorrow because of how they once lived, are spiritually prosperous because the Holy Spirit is going to replace that sorrow with comfort, the comfort of forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption, and restoration.

Lord, We thank You for redemption and restoration You have given us through the cross and resurrection. We thank You for the power of the life we now live. We thank You that You have turned our mourning into comfort through Your Spirit within. Amen.

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Karen Spangler said...

Hi Pastor Charles, I've just started viewing your devotions online. Thank you for doing this; it helps me to start my day focused on the most important person...God. In God's Love, Karen