Tuesday, March 10, 2009


“Therefore, … by faith…” (Romans 5:1 CSB)

Faith is a powerful force that produces five remarkable results: 1) a declaration of righteousness from the Lord, 2) peace with God, 3) access to God’s grace, 4) hope borne from affliction, and 5) hearts filled with God’s love.

To be declared righteous before God, known also as “justification,” is the result of what Jesus did for us on the cross. He took our sins upon Himself and crucified them. Our sins are now covered over by the blood of Jesus, so that the Father does not see them. In this way, Jesus presents us before the Father with a declaration of righteousness, meaning that there is now no condemnation against us for our sins. We are free to live rightly now.

This faith we now have is, in fact, a personal union with God who is our Creator, so that we now have peace with Him. There is no more enmity between us and God. There is only relational progress.

We have entered into God’s grace by way of this personal faith union. Grace is a relational realm in which we have direct access to God. It’s like being a king’s son or daughter.

Faith is the ride that takes us from affliction to hope. We all know that afflictions come. In one form or another. Our personal faith union with the Lord guides us from affliction to endurance, from there on to proven character, and from there on to hope. Hope is the future reality that awaits us, and in that there can be no disappointment.

God has put His Holy Spirit in us now. Because of our personal faith union with Him, His Spirit has poured out the love of God into our hearts.

Life is good. Thank You, Lord. I wish everyone knew this truth. Amen.

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