Tuesday, November 25, 2008


“And He was amazed at their unbelief.” (Mark 6:6 CSB)

Jesus and His disciples walked from Capernaum to Nazareth, His hometown. They climbed the rocky path through fragrant rosemary, and on through the olive grove, then up the hill to the village on top. He was home. Or was He?

Jesus saw old friends, some He had grown up with and had made annual trips to Jerusalem with as a boy. His mother was there, and His brothers and sisters. The town elders were there, and undoubtedly there were greetings all around. They had been hearing interesting stories about Him, though nothing much had changed for them in Nazareth. The Sabbath came, and He and His disciples went to the synagogue where He opened the Scriptures and taught. The men were amazed at His wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, but just as much, they were offended. Who did He think He was? Wasn’t this the carpenter’s son? We know His mother and brothers and sisters. Who does He think He is?

Luke says that they were even angry enough to kill Him when they heard Him on one Sabbath announce that the Scripture was fulfilled in Him and when He mentioned the Gentiles in the synagogue. They grabbed Him and intended to throw Him off a cliff, but He escaped their grasp.

Jesus left Nazareth for the last time, bewildered by their unbelief. The word Mark uses is “amazed,” literally meaning, “He stood outside Himself.”

Not much amazed Jesus. The only two things that amazed Him was the faith of a Roman centurion and the lack of faith of His hometown people in Nazareth. How sad that they had such opportunity but, because of the hold their culture and traditions had on them, could not find their way to faith and could not see the reality that was before them. How sad that even today, we see the same thing.

Lord, We thank You for opening our eyes so we could see and respond in faith. We pray for those who have not yet seen Your light, that they, too, may open their eyes and enter the kingdom with us. Amen

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Rick said...

Excellent insights, again, Uncle Cherry.