Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Everything You Do

“And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him” (Colossians 3:17 CSB)

Two essential expressions of this life are words and actions. We need words to communicate, to express ideas and thoughts, to share our lives with one another. Words are not just words. Each one represents something important to the one speaking them, just as they have meaning for the one hearing them.

We also communicate through our actions. Sometimes an action is just an action, like tightening a screw, or painting a house, but just as often, an action we take can communicate caring concern. Painting a house may be just painting a house, but when a group of young people get together to pain a house for an elderly person who is unable either to do it or afford it, it communicates more than just painting a house.

This is why Paul says that our words and our deeds need to be expressed in the name, or in the “character,” of the Lord Jesus Christ. Words and actions from a Christian are not just expressive of the individual, but also reflect the individual’s walk with the Lord. So, as we live the Christian life, we want to conscientiously ensure that all our words and actions show forth Christ.

Important to all of this is the “background.” Every beautiful painting has some kind of background, which is sometimes noticed and sometimes not so much. But in the background of our words and deeds, we need to continually give thanks to God the Father. We thank God for the opportunity first to be a Christian, and for the opportunity to live this Christian life in serving the needs of others. We thank God for every breath we take, since He is the Author of life. And we thank Him for all of His abundant provisions for us.

Lord, Help us to remember today that every word and action on our part is in some way a reflection of our walk with You. As we live out our lives this day, help us to do so with genuine thanksgiving. Amen.

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