Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sing the Glory

“They will sing of the Lord’s ways, for the Lord’s glory is great.” (Psalm 138:5 CSB)

What is the measure of greatness? We speak of great leaders of the past whose accomplishments were huge in our eyes. We speak of experiences we have had that we call “great.” We speak of friends or family members who mean much to us and say they are just great. We almost use the word “great” to describe anything we happen to like or approve of or appreciate to an immense degree. But what is the true measure of greatness?

How about: creating the world in 6 days? Might that be great? How about raising the dead? Would that be great? It may be that there is only One who could genuinely be called “great.”

The Lord’s glory is great. David recognized that. In Psalm 138 he expressed his love for God and said, “I will give You thanks with all my heart; I will sing Your praise before the heavenly beings.” He also said a little later that all the kings of the earth would give thanks to God when they hear of His promises, and they will then sing of the Lord’s ways because “the Lord’s glory is great.”

Great glory. What a thought. The glory of God, which none of us have seen yet, must be beyond anything we might describe as spectacular or stupendous. The Bible describes it for us as a “bright cloud” that outshines the sun in the daytime, and a fiery cloud by night that lights the way for all who follow.

Great glory. One day, we will get to see it.

Lord, We thank You for our call upward toward Christ Jesus, and Him we follow. We thank You for “the day” that is ahead when we, too, will experience Your glory. Amen.

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